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1.     United States Equivalency Diploma or Certificate        =$ 200.00

2. General Report (document evaluation) =$100.00.

3. Comprehensive Report (course by course evaluation) =$150.00- This type of report is intended for transfer credits, university admission, officer’s commission in the armed forces, and professional licensing boards.

4. High School Graduate Evaluation Report =$100.00

5. Academic Credits For Work Experience ($350.00)-We need to verify the time, work description and responsibilities, training histories, and classifications.

6. Extra Report ($20.00 per copy)

  Fax Service (domestic per address) = $5.00

Fax Service (international per address) = $20.00

7. Rush Service: These are in addition to the fees stated above.

              1.        One (1) Business Day      -   add $170.00

              2.        Three (3) Business Days  -   add $130.00

              3.        Five (5) Business Days     -   add $70.00



These fees are in addition to the above fees. These authentications will ensure the acceptance of the report by government offices here and abroad.


Foreign Embassies Legalization / Authentication = $600.00


U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C. = $600.00 (This includes authentication from the CA Secretary of State and the Los Angeles County Registrar)


California Department of State Apostille - $400.00 (This includes authentication from the Los Angeles County Registrar)


Los Angeles County Registrar Authentication = $200.00 (This is a notarized authentication of the attached documents)

Certificate of Legalization Notarized = $100.00




USPS Priority Mail (domestic) = $10.00

USPS Global Priority Mail = $40.00

USPS Express Mail (domestic) = $25.00

DHL / Federal Express (global) = $115.00

Federal Express (overnight domestic) = $65.00

USPS(international) = $65.00

Federal Express (international) = $115.00

FedEx (Arab and African countries) = $135.00


Transcript of Records – 1 complete set of photocopy

Diplomas – 1 photocopy

Translations- 2 complete sets of notarized or certified copies of English translations of all documents submitted.

Evaluations for Licensure or Officer’s Commission in the Armed Forces – Original copy of the document must be submitted and will be returned with the evaluation report.


It must be made in U.S. dollars by money order, cashier’s check, or bank draft drawn on any U.S. bank payable to: CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY FCE.

Visa and MasterCard only


Your credit information is shredded and discarded after every transaction. For another transaction, you may need to resubmit your credit information again. 


Once an application is received by us, no refund will be issued even if the applicant disagrees with our evaluation.


Government agencies and institutions of higher education  prefer credential evaluations done by all U.S. universities and accredited private credential evaluation companies who are included in their advisory lists.   

Please contact the college or university that you intend to enroll before you choose a credential evaluation service.  Some colleges and universities will only accept credential evaluation from specific agencies.

Our evaluation reports are advisory in nature and not binding on any institution. Although our staff of evaluators is composed of professionals with graduate and post graduate degrees, we do not guarantee that our reports will satisfy the needs of everybody.


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